Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Whovian Notes

Those old Whovian monsters- Daleks and Cybermen: they never scared me.

And they don't scare me in their new shined up editions.

I've been watching re-runs. The Girl in the Fireplace is a perfect little work of art. But I couldn't be bothered to watch the Cybermen story that follows. It's not just Cybermen, its an alternative universe and it's Rose's freaking dad. These are a few of my least favourite things.

I think I've worked out why Season 1 was better than Season 2. It's not that Eccleston was better than Tennant, it's that Eccleston had a better character arc- from little lost boy to happily married man who dies to save his love.  Tennant's story arc is just  teens in space, jumping from adventure to adventure to adventure.
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