Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Ave Atque Salve

We're slowly reassembling the bedroom. 

We were talking in bed the other night and Ailz said, "You know what, we haven't got any gods in here any more."

So we both got out of bed and went looking for our bedroom gods. 

Our bedroom gods are Athena and Aesculapius.

Eventually Ailz  found them downstairs in the new display cabinet- reduced to the status of  ornaments, which will never do.  

Picture a couple of  marble-effect resin statuettes of the kind they sell in Greek tourist shops. (When we were on Crete we'd keep squeeing and going, "Ooh look, a god-shop!") 

But of course they're not just  marble-effect resin statuettes. (Let the reader understand).

So we put them on the dressing table and bade them "Hail and Welcome."

After which we could sleep in peace, knowing we had protection.
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