Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Film 4

Film 4 used to be a subscription channel. Now it's Free!

Only thing is, they show adverts. Movies ought not to be broken up with ads. 

Sky movies are running a snide campaign saying, but our movies aren't broken up with ads.  That's true, but they're not  Free either.

And another thing, All you get on Sky is Hollywood dross. You don't get  things llike the current Studio Ghibli season.

We just watched My NeighbourTotoro. Miyazaki's movies are so well observed. The way children move, the way water shines as it drops over a weir, the quality of light on a summer's evening. MNT is a lovely story, but it's also a prolonged exercise in contemplation. 

I can cope with the ads. I just talk over them. Talk about what an amazing artist Miyazaki is.
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