Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


 George Jung is an  all American, blond, beachboy type who gets into dealing drugs (in the nicest possible way) and is disappointed to discover that his criminal associates (Pablo Escobar for example) aren't as pleasant and upright in their dealings with him as he is with them. The poor chap (in spite of being the cocaine king-pin of the mid to late 70s) is a born victim who never raises a gun in anger or his fist to anyone and ends up getting ripped off everywhichaway and betrayed to the Feds- when all he  wanted from that  last job (honest!) was to raise enough money to take his little daughter on the holiday of a lifetime to California.

And lets not forget what a deep and wonderfully supportive relationship he has with his salt-of-the-earth, blue-collar dad (in spite of his mom trying to spoil it  by grassing him up) or how scarred he is when his lovely girlfriend dies (beautifully) of leukemia. 

But it's his daughter he loves most. She's his heart (he tells her)-  the only thing he ever truly cared for. Awwwww!

And now he's serving 60 years in the pen and it's just not fair.

And then at the end of the movie Johnny Depp's noble phizog changes into the authentic weaselly countenance of the real George Jung and you realise (what you've suspected all along) that you've been sold a pack of sentimental, self-pitying lies.

According to a final title, George Jung's daughter has never visited the old monster in prison.  We are treated to her full name so,  if we ever happen to meet her,  we can upbraid her for her unfilial behaviour. Heartless girl, to treat her poor old father so!

I find this unforgiveable. Leave her alone, for Chrissakes. 

Shame on you, Mr Depp.
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