Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Karl And Eddie

Karl and Eddie are decorating our front room.

Karl calls Ailz "Eileen"- which is a common mistake- and me "Terry" which has never happened before.

Karl and Eddie, Karl and Eddie- see I remember both their names!

But they're doing a fine job (I think). They tore up the carpet (and Ailz and I ran it to the tip) and then they took off all the wallpaper (a job that the rabbits started). The plaster behind the wall paper was in a sorry state- one section looks like someone may have hung a dart board there once- and Karl filled all the cracks and holes. Tomorrow, when the filler has dried, they'll put up lining paper.

This is my second post on the day that I announced I wasn't going to be posting so much. Oh well!

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