Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Sunday Sport

I didn't watch it. I guessed it would be boring and ugly and it seems I was right. The French got ahead, then played defensively and lost their lead,  so it went to penalities- which is almost as arbitrary as settling it with Eany-meany-miney-mo-  but only  after Zidane got himself sent off  (the highlight of the match) for viciously head-butting an opponent who had tweaked his nipple. 

Sounds like a Guy Ritchie movie (and I hate Guy Ritchie).

What I did watch was the men's final at Wimbledon.  It was a classic clash of personalities- Federer as smooth as cheese fondue and Nadal all bouncy-bouncy, bandanaed aggression like a teenage mutant ninja turtle without the shell. In the event Federer whopped Nadal, but if Nadal had been just a little more tenacious he could have stretched it out into a five set nail-biter. Federer has now won four Wimbledons straight, which makes him one of the greats, but Nadal is learning amazingly fast and is serving him notice-  same time, same place and next year it won't be as easy.

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