Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Sun on the streets in defiance of the forecasters- and the drug dealers were out in the road, sitting on cars and chatting amiably with their associates: young men bonding, being awful, being happy.

And we were inside, behind the net curtains, being entertained by the baby, eating pakoras.

Two mutually exclusive worlds within shooting distance of one another....

I had one of my anxiety dreams last night. I was a vicar again- as I so often am. Usually I've got a service to take and I can't find the place in the book; I stand there at the lectern, turning the page and turning the page; but this time was a little different. I had already announced I was leaving (under a cloud) but the parishioners were preparing for the Summer Fair and I was supposed to be taking an interest. It was awkward because no-one would speak to me. To make things worse I was under assault from vampires. I was trying to keep them at bay by making the sign of the cross- in the air, with my foot in the dust- and it wasn't working very well...
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