Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Worthy Of His Steel

The symbiosis of Bush and bin-Laden.

Bin Laden helped to get Bush re-elected by weighing in with a broadcast that seemed to be urging support for Kerry. Of course it had the effect of bolstering support for Bush. CIA operatives have concluded that this was entirely what bin-Laden wanted.

Read all about it

bin-Laden needs Bush's blundering War on Terror. It recruits jihadis for him. It anoints him as the Commander of the Faithful. And Bush needs bin-Laden. He was a one term president in the making until bin-Laden handed him his war.

Both men are boosted by aggrandising their enemy. Every superhero needs a super villain. You're only as heroic as your opponent is fearsome. Holmes needs Moriarty and Moriarty needs Holmes.
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