Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Jurassic Park

If you watch a sequence from a movie out of context (detached from the story and the characters) you can begin to see how it was assembled.

I just watched the climax of Jurassic Park that way and I was seeing it as a series of animated storyboards. 

Spielberg is a director who leaves nothing to chance. Eveything is calibrated to within a hair's breadth. Hitchcock and Lean worked the same way.

Not John Ford. He said he never rehearsed an action sequence because you couldn't anticipate what was going to happen when you had a whole bunch of horsemen charging down hill.

In my present mood I'm with Ford. Overprepare and you squeeze out the humanity.

Jurassic Park is a dishonest film. It's pushing this conservative moral line about not messing with Nature and yet every frame is screaming "I want the dinos back".

Suppose you had 20 billion to spend on either a new generation of independent British nukes or a real life Jurassic Park; which would you choose?
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