Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Harold Pinter AT 76

Harold Pinter can't be an easy man to interview. Instead of coming to the studio with his answers prepared (and packaged in shrink-wrap) like a politician or celeb, he chooses to engage humanly with his interviewer and do his thinking  in the moment. Glibness would be shaming to him; only the right words will do; and the interviewer can only watch and grit her teeth as he chases them down one by one like a butterfly hunter with his little net.   He's old now and has nearly died twice so the words take longer to catch and sometimes evade him altogether. He says little, almost nothing that is revelatory, but also nothing that isn't entirely what he means.

One word came to me and wouldn't go away, so here it is; "honourable".
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