Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Home Improvements

Our mate Ian the joiner came round to look at some jobs we'd like him to do. After half an hour he left. "See you in about an hour," he said

"So he's coming back to give us a quote?" I asked.

"£250 all in," said Ailz. "And he's coming back to do the work."

Things are moving fast.

Yesterday we had a man round to look at floor-boarding the attic and putting in a trap door and extending ladder. And, no, he didn't do it there and then; he's coming next Wednesday- which is entirely soon enough.

He had a braw Scots accent. I rather think we gave him the work on the strength of it. What is it about the Scots accent that so radiates authenticity and trustworthiness?
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