Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Dog's Obeyed In Office

Germany was playing Poland last night. It was pretty dull so I took a book about the Third Reich off the shelves and browsed through it while the match played itself out in the background.

Germany won.

Both times.

How easy it is to get people to do really horrible things! The Third Reich wasn't just Hitler and a few of his mates, it was tens of millions of people doing as they were told- even when the things they were told to do were bad and stupid. Hitler was a twit (just look at him!) Goebbels was a twit (and a squit) Himmler (with his weak eyes and receding chin) was the creepiest thing on two legs- and yet the German people (with very little resistance) happily went along with them and got onto the swing of it  by thinking up vile things to do to Jews, Commies and other undesirables entirely off their own bat.

All the men in a Russian village are rounded up. They stand in the village square in the pouring rain. The Germans hand out newspapers and ask the men to read aloud. If you're literate you get a clerical job, if you're not you get to dig ditches. After the men are sorted into two groups the ones who can read are marched off and shot. Hehehe; we've just neutralised the fucking intellectuals!

I'm not particularly getting at the Germans here. The Third Reich is just the gaudiest example of the herd instinct in the human animal. Dress a retard in tat and have it make  a speech and most of us will salute it. For other examples just glance round the contemporary world.
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