Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Count Von Bubblyfun

besideserato  wanted to know about the Count. OK,  here goes:

He came from a cat's rescue centre. My daughter fell in love with him. He had long white fur and he was deaf. We stole his name from a Goth friend of ours. It suited him because he (the cat not our erudite and witty friend) wouldn't have known fun if it had crept up behind him and bitten his arse. He hated other cats and liked the high ground.  He was known to fall asleep while sitting up; you'd hear a clunk and turn round and find  it was Bubbly's jaw hitting the deck.

Talking about the German aristocracy, I was watching a programme about Manfred von Richthofen last night. I fell in love with those WWI fighter planes when I was a kid. I had plastic models suspended from my bedroom ceiling with cotton thread and sellotape.  Once in a while one of them would drop off and I would step on it.

The Red Baron only flew that famous red Fokker in the last months of his life. Before that he'd flown a red Albatross. The Albatross is a beautiful, sleek ,cigar-shaped plane. Perhaps the most beautiful plane of the war.

The German planes had the edge when it came to aesthetics. The British Camels and SE5as were  ugly snub-nosed things.

I put  Von Richthofen on  my list of interests and then went looking for other afficionados to add to my Friends list.  A lot of them turned out to be mad nazis. Oh dear!


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