Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Tip

We went to the tip yesterday. It was fun.

There's this low brick wall (with placards above it at intervals, reading "metal", "wood", "scrap" etc ) and you throw things over it- 
                                              -and they fall into bunkers on the far side. 

We got rid of...
the horrid plastic garden furniture Jackie (not jackiejj) gave us,
the broken vax machine my in laws gave us, 
the tatty wicker chair I rescued from a house clearance,
my old typewriter.

The typewriter was built like a battleship and so heavy I could hardly carry it from room to room.  I was sorry in a way, and I told it so as I heaved it over the wall, but as I further explained, "times have changed".

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