Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Notes To Prospective Buyers

Notes To Prospective Buyers

It is a big, old house with original features.
Two rooms are painted purple and one is green,
("Satyr green" to be precise)
The kitchen is orange.
Try to imagine it beige throughout.

In the front room there are rabbits-
The beloved pets- 
(They have eaten the wallpaper- ain’t that cute?)
Try to imagine the room without them.

In the back room there are books (several thousand)
Because books do furnish a room.
And DVDs because they furnish it as well.
Why don’t you look at the fireplace instead.
(It’s marble)

In the hallway and up the stairs
Are amateur paintings on Wiccan themes,
Featuring women with challenging eyes.
Try to imagine the space without them.

There are two people dogging your steps.
They say the kitchen is a Moben and two years old.
They say the leak has been fixed (but do you believe them?)
They both want ever so much to be liked.

Try to imagine the world without them.

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