Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bunny Hell

It takes more than castration to stop a male rabbit thinking thoughts of love. Ever since we introduced Rachel into the home, poor, mild, little Tosh has been out of his brains with lust. He can't help himself. It's kinda dispiriting to watch.

"C'est Venus toute entiere a sa proie attachee" as M. Racine so feelingly observed.  

Rachel isn't a happy rabbit. either. No, not because of Tosh's attentions- though she doesn't welcome them, but  because she's spent most of her life cooped up in a tiny hutch and her idea of  fun is to back herself into a corner , sink her head between her shoulders and hope that the world has forgotten her. Ailz thinks she's depressed; she probably is.  

Things will improve. Tosh will get used to having a woman in his life and Rachel will get used to living in a world thats a little larger than 2'X4'. In the long run (I trust) they'll be good for one another.
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