Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

America's Next Top Model

I hadn't realised modelling is such hard work. No I'm not being ironic here; it is, it is.

And I'm no longer surprised that so many models progress into acting. The two disciplines are right next door to each other.

Beauty is not enough. Beautiful girls are ten a penny.

The camera falls in love with the oddest people.

The merely beautiful have fallen by the wayside, but the chunky little lesbian with the chipmunk face is still there. She has a grain of whatever it is that Tyra Banks has in bagfulls. You can't dismiss her.

I love it that Twiggy's on the panel. So unaffected, so real.

"I was the first working-class model," she says.

"Over here we don't say working-class, we say ghetto," says one of the waspy queens.

O, go away, you silly person; don't you know that you're in The Presence?
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