Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bunny Stuff

Ruth, who has foxes at the bottom of her garden and knows what they smell like, says we've had foxes in out front yard. This might explain why Bunny has stopped sitting in the front window.

She asks if rabbits are as intelligent as cats. Yeah, sure they are; they're just differently adapted. Cats are hunters- big sleep, big meal, big sleep- that's the pattern of their lives. Rabbits are browsers, on the go all the time- nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble.

Rabbits are endlessly curious. Ours spends must of his time exploring the contours of his world, senses at the stretch- big eyes, big ears, big paws. And we keep things interesting for him by shifting the furniture around and changing the map. I just put a cardboard box down beside his rug and he was straight onto it - sniffing, nibbling, feeling it all over.

He loves that rug. It's a rough-textured, woven, rag rug that Joe brought back from Iraq. He loves its texture. I guess it feels like meadow. He stretches out on it and rolls on his back. If I try to brush it he attacks the broom, grabbing it in his teeth and throwing it aside.

Rabbits have enhanced hearing, but they're selective in what they hear. They don't have voices; that's not the way they communicate; so it's a waste of time talking to them. What they're attuned to is sudden noise. You can go, "nice bun-bun, who's a pretty boy then?" as much as you like and bunny will just stare blankly into the distance, but drop something heavy and he's off.
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