Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Goblet Of Fire- Random Thoughts

Probably the best so far.

Great opening.

I'd like to have seen more of Eric Sykes.

Rupert Grint irritates me. Someone tell him that "less is more".

Bugger the story! I'd happily spend three hours taking the tour of Hogwarts.

Brendan Gleeson!

Brendan Gleeson's mad eye!!!

Are today's 14 year old boys really so behind-hand with the girls?

I could kick Harry and Ron for being so mean to the Patel sisters.

When it comes to emotional interplay, these scripts are pretty sketchy and predictable.

Hire better writers!

Frances de la Tour is just so sexy!

The dragon was cool. So were the mermaids.

Loved the maze. Pity they didn't do more with it.

I'm not scared of triffids; is anybody?

When you've seen one Dark Lord you've seen 'em all!

This one is a little lacking in the nose department.

Why can't Dark Lords be pretty?

I think I'm in love with Moaning Myrtle.
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