Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bakewell Tarts

I like cherry bakewells, but they have evolved (or degraded) a long way from the authentic bakewell tart or (more correctly) pudding- as invented and retailed in the very pretty town of Bakewell in the Derbyshire Peak district.

The true Bakewell doesn't have anything to do with fondant icing or glace cherries; the defining ingredients are eggs, almonds and raspberry jam.

When I lived in Sheffield I used to catch the bus out to Bakewell so I could buy myself a bag of authentic Bakewell puddings and eat them on the spot.

Autres temps, autre moeurs.

I have just discovered (to my delight) that Marks and Spencer do a very fair stab at an authentic bakewell.

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