Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Out Of Its Groove

Joe's car broke down. Same trouble as before. Clutch cable. So we dashed out and bought another one. Second hand, of course. The garage man came to look at car number one, lifted the bonnet and said, "Hey, this isn't actually broke. The cable just came out of its groove." So he put it back.

And he didn't charge us a thing.

And now we're a three car family. 

Other News

It snowed in the night. And the temperature dropped so low the cold water tap in the kitchen froze. But today it's so warm that I've hung washing out in the yard to dry.

I have completed 30,000 words of the new Purchas novel. I was struggling a bit, but I've got my second wind and I guess I'll start posting soon.

Tony Blair says God will judge him for his Iraq adventure. If he said he had an imaginary friend called Sparky the spaceman or Mr Bunnilugs we'd be asking him for the keys of No 10.  But because his friend is called God we let him get away with it. 

Alistair Cook, England's hot new international batsman, just scored his maiden century in India. Yay!

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