Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Glorification Of Terror

OK, so the new law probably won't be used to stop folkies singing Irish rebel songs in North London pubs, but even so....

Can we trust the authorities and/or the police not to abuse this new power? Of course we can't.

Yeah, I got hot under the collar seeing those dumbclucks marching up to the Danish embassy with posters saying things like "behead the enemies of Islam", but banning the posters won't stop the dumbclucks thinking the thought.

And denying them the right to voice the thought may well get them thinking it all the more intensely.

Was I offended? Sure I was offended. So?

"Better out than in", as my (fictitious)old granny used to say.

And how can one argue against a bad idea if the bad idea isn't allowed an airing?
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