Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A New Project

Well I never, I think I may have a project for 2006. Yesterday lunchtime we watched a movie about a family who drank from a magic spring in an American wood and were thereafter cursed with immortality. Great idea, poorly developed and explored- but it was a Disney movie so what can you expect? Anyway, it left me wanting to tell the true story- and by nightfall I'd written the first page. This could turn into a novel or even a series of novels. Or it could dribble on for a few more pages and die. I don't know, but right now it feels like fun.

The guys in the movie took their fateful draught in the late 18th century. My character does it sometime during the middle ages. I want to have lots and lots of hstory to play around with.

The working title is Purchas.
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