Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Tenth Doctor

David Tennant does this thing with his nose that reminds me of the late great Kenneth Williams. It was particularly cool when his Casanova came over all Carry-on.

Casanova made me a life-long member of the David Tennant fan-club (seems like he's a really nice bloke in "real" life too) but whether he'll stop us pining for Chris Ecclestone remains to be seen.

He spent much of the special Christmas edition in bed regenerating. It was a bit of a tease. By the end of the show he'd bonded with Billie Piper's Rose, but will she have the chemistry with him that she had with Ecclestone? I rather doubt it. Tennant- in spite of Casanova- isn't really a sex-pot. He has more of a kid-brother vibe- with a dollop of Carry-on sauce.

Expect more comedy?

Where Chris wore leather jacket and jeans, Tennant has been through the racks and come out with a smart suit and an ankle length duster. Just a hint of Nemo perhaps?

(Really bad pun coming in to land)

*Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, flared nostrils*- Oooooooo, Matrix!

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