Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

You out there somewhere, Anaiis?

This is for besideserato .

I've tracked you across the web for the last hour or so. Pushing through the vines. Once I stumbled into a dark place I'd visited before- but then the web is like that- to call it a labyrinth is understating things (I mean, I've been to Knossos and it's all contained within a site of two or three acres) I'm an old guy- picture me in shorts and solar topee with a butterfly net- not understanding or connecting with half of what he sees. But kinda exhilarated, kinda made to feel that this world is bigger and blacker and more fun than he was brought up to think it was.

Your generation has left my generation behind. And a good thing too. You know more and you dare more. I'd like to read your stuff (the novel I mean) and I'd be pleased if you'd read mine. Let's set up a meeting somewhere- under a virtual streetlight on some virtual, rain-swept street- so we can exchange packages.


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