Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


I got a knock on the door at nine last night. Odd. It's rare for me to get callers that late. So I opened up- looked round- no-one there- and then Joe chucked a snowball at me from across the road.

I like having the snow. It's a diversion.

Ailz is doing OK. I saw her scar yesterday. It stretches most of the way across the top of her stomach and it's held together with funny little staples. We were hoping she might be discharged Wednesday, but she's been told this morning that it'll be a few days longer. Having seen the extent of the surgery I'm not surprised. She was trying to persuade the surgeon to let her go by telling him that lying in bed all day was making the pain from her fibro-myalgia worse. And he replied "I don't think that's the fibro; that's your liver growing back."
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