Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Playing At House Hunting

I've just been listening to the silence. If we move to a town centre it's unlikely to ever be as quiet as this.

It was a cold damp morning and neither of us was feeling wonderful but we had errands to run and it was our day out so we got in the car, drove up to Rochester and poked around a bit.

The house I really want is in a gated community. I don't approve of gated communities but the house is the only one I've seen in Rochester that is fun as well as functional. I peered wistfully through the gates. There was a notice that said that if we tried to open them manually, they'd break. And I thought, "Don't tempt me!"

A house we liked on screen- which is now under offer- turns out to be on a road that stretches for about a mile- and every inch of it uphill. We'd thought we might look out for others on the same road but having seen it- and considered what a slog it would be walking home from the town centre- we've decided not to bother. At the foot of the hill is The Dickens Estate- with every street named after one of his characters. Fancy living on Havisham Close! Actually, on reflection, I'd rather like to. Think of all the variations one could work on the one basic joke!

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