Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Set Of Mundane Observations

My sleep patterns are still erratic. I say "still" as if I expected them to revert to some notional norm but they quite probably won't.

I don't think the temperature has hit zero yet but I'm already wearing my dressing gown to bed.

This morning's post brought two new books. We need more bookcases. We need them floor to ceiling.

Ailz asked our son-in-law- the electrician- whether we should rewire. He said, "Don't. It's an old property. You'll have to replaster every wall, take up all the floorboards- and God know what horrors you'll find. It'll be a fucking ball-ache."

Now the horses are back I need to start filling their water butts. And also bear in mind what happens if you turn on a tap, walk away and forget all about it.

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