Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Yesterday was going to be a very busy day but then things cropped up and it became a very quiet one. In the evening I watched Celine and Julie Go Boating- which is my favourite movie of the Nouvelle Vague- if not my favourite movie of any place and time. Celine and Julie- played by Juliet Berto and Dominique Labourier- flit around Paris in the summer of 1973 or 74, weaving between dimensions as they go. It's a movie that's both profound and featherweight- and please keep the critics away from it with their finger-smudged magnifying glasses because it is what it is and doesn't need explaining. I think I'm in love with Juliet Berto- but, no, that's not quite right- I want to be Juliet Berto...

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