Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Hearing Things.

I dreamed I'd decided to walk home (wherever home was) along the south coast, starting at a town pretending to be Bexhill but actually nothing like. Along the way I visited a bookshop, bought a bag of six jam doughnuts for 70p and dropped in on a Scandanavian film director who had just sent a team out into the desert to make a movie according to dogme rules. I suggested he might like to make such a movie himself- and called back later to see if he'd done so. He said he'd tried but it was just too hot...

And then I woke up because I'd heard my mother calling me twice, "Anthonee, Anthonee!" I hustled out of bed and into her room, prepared to find her perched on the edge of the bed asking where her clothes were- and found her fast asleep.

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