Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Iodine And Salt

When I was merely a vegetarian I used to allow myself to eat fish- so, although I called myself a vegetarian, I was actually a pescatarian. The silly thing was I didn't particularly like fish.

But I did like seafood. Paella, moules mariniere, bouillaibaise- Bring 'em on!

The loveliest dish I ever ate was a bouillabiase. I was with my friend Stephen- who knew about food and knew about restaurants- and he'd found a place that rose to meet his standards in this French seaport we were passing through. Was it in Brittany? Was it in Provence? I forget. Did he and I even traipse as far as the Mediterranean? I don't think we did. Unless it was on the occasion we met up in the Languedoc- but if it was then I'd have had Henri Mouillefarine with me- and I don't remember his being there. Henri Mouillefarine wasn't a friend exactly but this random dude who latched onto me in Normandy when I was hitchhiking South and insisted on accompanying me- and just as well really because I eventually ran out of money on the Cote d'Azur and still owe him 100 Francs...

Sorry, that was a digression. The point it took me away from is that I miss my seafood.

However, there is always seaweed.

And recently Ailz and I discovered seaweed crisps.

They give you that essential blast of iodine and salt- plus they're crunchy.

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