Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Re False Alarm

The local online newsletter confirms that there have been fuel shortages in the Tunbridge Wells area- and some filling stations are out of juice.

And what's to blame is a shortage of HGV drivers. And what's to blame for that is Brexit. And what's to blame for Brexit is...

So, anyway, the warning we got yesterday wasn't baseless after all.

Call it a shot across the bows.

The shortage of HGV drivers isn't going to be rectified any time soon. We've already seen supermarkets failing to fill their shelves and farm animals going unslaughtered because there's no CO2 for the stun guns they use in abattoirs- and we've been hearing that gas supplies are threatened- which we know to be the case because government spokespeople have been saying they aren't. The supply chains are breaking down- and we can expect random and localised shortages of anything that has to be transported a distance.

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