Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Three Fairly Disparate Things

It rained a lot yesterday- on, off, on, off- with occasional distant thunder- and when it wasn't raining the sun came out and we sat on the patio. Ailz used the word "tropical". Now, I've never lived in the tropics so I wouldn't know if this was accurate or not, but it certainly felt unEnglish.

One of the side effects of all the swapping about of furniture I did at the weekend is that my "work station" now faces the window and I can watch what's going on at the bird feeder without turning round. It's a change I should and could have effected ages ago. New to the feeder this summer are a couple of jays. (There may be more than two but that's the most I've seen at any one time.) Jays are shy birds- generally only visible as a flash of electric blue in the middle distance- and I feel honoured by their confidence.

I've been switched on to the work of Paul Anthony Wallis- who thinks the God of the Old Testament- was an ET- or, rather, a bunch of ETs. This isn't exactly a new idea, but he's telling a cogent, well-evidenced story- and one that irons out a lot of inconsistencies and oddities in the Biblical texts. Anyway, I've gone ahead and ordered his books- Escaping From Eden and The Scars of Eden. An interesting fact about him is that he's a former Anglican archdeacon. Another interesting fact is that he's deeply into Russian Orthodox spiritualty.

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