Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Unwritten History

Julia got rained off yesterday lunchtime and is back this morning. That strimmer of hers is a noisy, stinky beast.

She and I were talking about the history of land she lives on- about half a mile from here- and how there are the footings of buildings that were demolished in the 1970s to save paying the rates and how some of the huge timbers from them are still lying around and how a local farmer has come up with photos of the onetime farmhouse with his ancestors standing in front of it, and how there's an old grapevine in a hedge which is now effectively a tree and how her pigs have recently snuffled up a pair of horseshoes that are far bigger than those worn by any horse that lives on the farm today, and how there used to be a brickworks in the wood and how the whole valley was once owned by the monks of Bayham Abbey...

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