Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Tide Is Coming In

Ailz has been showing me maps- on the Kent Life site- which show what the coastline of Kent and Sussex will look like in 30 years time if sea levels keep rising as projected. And the word to the wise is if you're thinking of moving to the seaside- as we are- you'd better choose somewhere on very high ground.

Peacehaven would be a goodish bet, though not too close to the cliff edge because that will be nibbled back considerably.

Most of our low lying holiday resorts will be flooded. Goodbye Margate, Broadstairs, Eastbourne. Thanet will be an island again, Rye will look rather like St Michael's Mount- a rock with buildings on it and water all around, Romney Marsh and the Pevensey levels will disappear along with Dungeness and its nuclear power station (I hope they're thinking very hard about this one), Winchelsea will be a seaside town again, and so will Tenterden, and the mouths of all the little rivers like the Cuckmere, the Adur and the Arun will become bays. The castles at Bodiam and Hurstmonceux will stand on the edge of broad inlets gazing proudly out across the water...

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