Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Mini Reviews

Bob Dylan's first album is hard-core folk. The sparks come flying off the grindstone. Hard to reconcile the gravel-voiced old-timer who does the singing with the grape-faced Caravaggio boy who appears on the cover.

The Chinese have figured out a way to do epic that makes Hollywood look stupid. The extreme stylisation does not preclude authentic human emotion. They should have asked Zhang Yimou to direct Troy.

I have jubal51394 to thank for this one. A gentle, funny whodunnit that taught me a whole lot about the political culture of the USA. Why can't we have a real president as honest, decent and laughter-loving as "Machine-gun" Jack McGurn?

Wanna find out how your favourite celebs met the Reaper? Then take a peek here. I found the entries on members of the British Royal family particularly entertaining- but then I would, wouldn't I? On the whole I kept clear of the grislier exhibits. I have, for instance, very little wish to see what Jayne Mansfield looks like with the top of her head removed.

For some reason the site displays little or no interest in politicians. That's a pity. They're the class of person on whose graves I most want to jig.
The entry on Ronald Reagan (who qualifies, I guess, because he was once some sort of an actor) is disgustingly respectful.

(But check out the astonishing- and apparently authentic- image of Marlon Brando giving head.)

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