Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


When we first got the guinea pigs we put them under the window in the back-room where- in a reversal of the old adage about children- they could be heard but not seen.

(I guess that's a 50s thing- my parents used to lay it on me if ever I threatened their self-absorbtion- "children should be seen and not heard"- boy did I resent it!

We have known better than to try it out on Joe- who is currently in his bedroom watching Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits with the sound turned turned up to the max so Ailz and I can enjoy it too.)

Anyway, it seemed a bit pointless to spend all that money on a cage and then not be able to see it- so yesterday I moved furniture around and the guinea pigs ended up in front of the fire-place. The back room has now been renamed The Zoo.

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