Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Root of All Evil

The old lady next door died some months back and her house is up for sale. Her next door neighbours on the other side (they're a biggish Asian family in search of lebensraum) were very good to the old lady and there was an understanding that they'd have first refusal on the house. But now it's all about money. The vendor (the old lady's daughter) wants £85,000 and the prospective buyer has had a survey done that says it's only worth £75,000. Stalemate. The buyer has offered to split the difference. No dice.

He came round here last night with his little grandson to ask my advice. I know nothing about business but I'd like to think I have a nose for what's decent. £80,000 is a fair price- the norm for round here- and the house needs rewiring and all sorts of other repairs. And what about friendship? Why doesn't that come into consideration?

I have an axe of my own to grind. I like the buyer. His kids used to play with my kids. I'd be well pleased if they moved in next door.

So I told him I'd have a word with the vendor- try to find out what's going on. When she was moving her mother's stuff out of the house, one of the buyer's sons was helping her bag it all up and carry it to the car. Come on, N, don't be such an old meanie. Do the right thing!
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