Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Pesky Wabbit

I just met Bunny on the stairs. Bunny is grey and the stair carpet is grey and the stair-well is badly lit. Hmmm, some thought needs to be given to this.

 He's steadily extending his territory. Yesterday he moved into the front room, where he experiences the carpet as meadowland and tries to eat it. He's a happy bunny. I know because he's been doing that capering about and leaping in the air thing bunnies do. It's called (lovely word) "binking".

He's hard to photograph. Most of the pictures I've taken make him look like an ornament off the mantlepiece. Stiff, generic. Or else he moves and becomes a slinky blur. Here's the best so far.....


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