Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Happy Accident

I'm looking for coffee. We have coffee sent to us through the post and it's just possible we might have squirrelled some envelopes away in the plastic chest of drawers in the boiler room. I pull out a drawer: no coffee. I pull out another drawer: chest of drawers tips forward and comes apart...

The chest of drawers isn't broken. It'll fit back together again. The problem is that it's a lightweight unit and we're storing heavy duty foodstuffs in it. We briefly consider replacing it, but decide we'd be better off redistributing the contents and using it for lighter stuff. We're not short of storage space- we're just not using what we have efficiently. There is, for example, a big bookcase cum bureau in the living room with capacious drawers half full of memorabilia- and not even my mother's memorabilia but my grandmother's.

The foodstuffs will go into the very solid chest of drawers in the dining room- which is currently full of paper- and the paper will go into the living-room bureau- and in the process a whole lot of stuff I've lacked the will to sort through is going to be thoroughly investigated and purged...

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