Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

"How Can You Believe That Nonsense!"

I skim-read a piece from the Huff Post in which a woman who remains faithful to the liberal worldview talks about losing her best friend to QAnon. The way she tells it he became crazier and crazier; the way he saw it (as reported by her) she became more and more obtuse. Exchanges grew heated, insults were exchanged, eventually they weren't talking any more. Neither of them- it seems to me- were prepared to question their sources or entertain the possibility that they might not be in possession of all the facts.

I'm reminded of that painting by Goya- one of his so-called "black paintings" (though this one isn't particularly black)- in which two men who are buried up to their knees in the earth flail away at one another with sticks.

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