Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

One Annoying Thing, One Satisfactory Thing

My computer woke up this morning and told me it didn't want to go on the internet. I did everything I could to persuade it otherwise but it was adamant.

So I'm writing on Ailz's computer. I've had to reset all my passwords because they were saved on my computer and I'd forgotten what they were.

I hope to live to see a day when the computers of 2020 will seem as quaintly clunky as the manual typewriters and boxy black and white TVs of my youth.

Odi has sent us pictures and a video of Pickles. (In spite of everything they've kept her old name.) She looks sleek and fat and is clearly a general favourite. Even Odi, who has never had a pet before and was resistant to having one now- has fallen in love with her. So that's a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.

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