Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

More Dreams

Since I'm remembering dreams in some detail I might as well record them.

Dream 1: I'm staying at a country house in Scotland. A man with no legs (he may lack arms as well) manages to wheedle and threaten his way in. I'm not particularly frightened of him, but recognise him as the kind of folkloric character who is best not annoyed. While he settles down for a kip in my father's armchair, his female companion, who looks like a child's drawing of a malevolent fairy, suggests we all go out for dinner in town.

Dream 2: We have acquired a large old tape recorder complete with recordings of a seance. We play these back at what turns out to be a get together of the spirit medium's family, complete with children and grandparents. They are not best pleased. The medium's husband is the same person as the Rumplestiltskin character in dream 1. (I have borrowed his face from a the presenter of a current TV advert for guide dogs.)

Dream 3: I've gathered together a group of my fellow hotel guests to make a short movie. I own all the equipment and seem to know how to use it. I will direct and work the camera, a girl I knew at University will record the sound. A couple of old men who look like Mr Magoo will play estranged brothers. Their shirt fronts go brown and crispy- burning up from the effort of trying to invent a story line.

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