Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Spitting Image

Spitting Image is back- after a hiatus of nearly a quarter of a century. I understand it's as rude as it ever was.

But the politicians and celebs won't mind. They like the attention. Better to have rotten fruit chucked at you than to be ignored. They hate me therefore I exist- and- more than that am clearly worth hating. Top of the world, Ma!

And when did a satirist ever bring down a government or destroy a reputation?

Satire deals with surfaces. Trump's hair is ridiculous, Johnson dithers, Ed Sheeran is a ginge. Tell us something we didn't know.

The satirist is a licensed fool, feeding vanity even as they wound it. They aren't dangerous...

They aren't exposing the things the powerful really want hidden.

If they were they'd be stopped, censored, denied a platform, kicked off Facebook, mocked in return, called a "conspiracy theorist"...

...Locked up, have something slipped into their tea, have their aeroplane fall out of the sky...

..Commit suicide by firing two bullets into the back of their head, accidentally hang themselves while masturbating in a cupboard...

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