Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Guard Me, Walk With Me

Yesterday we were stuffing up interior rat holes and tomorrow Jim is coming to stop up any exterior ones he may come across and also clean the windows, clear the gutters and- provided the wasps let him because he'll be working next to their nest- replace a length of drainpipe. It's like we're making the vessel seaworthy for its winter voyage.

The Guardian ran a piece about the Jerusalema challenge- and I followed it up by watching videos- of which there are any number on YouTube. First I watched the song's original video with Master KG and Nomcebo and then I watched a group of priests dancing to it and then I watched some secondary school kids. The craze is sweeping Africa and needs to come North because dancing in formation to show it you're not afraid is a great way of dealing with a pandemic. The style is Limpopo House and the words, originally in Zulu, translate into English as...

Jerusalem is my home,
Guard me,
Walk with me,
Do not leave me here

My place is not here,
My kingdom is not here,
Guard me
Walk with me,
My place is not here..

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