Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


A beautiful morning. Warm but mellow. Nothing much in the way of clouds. A lingering scent of wood smoke (our neighbour who makes fences on a commercial scale has been disposing of materials he can't use). Everything in the vegetable kingdom is exhibiting the lassitude of a blameless old age.

I have been picking apples. We have a very good crop this year. Ailz has been making pies.

There's a huge pile of rubbish in the top field. It consists of garden waste, a great deal of chicken wire, and rather a lot of nasty stuff that Matthew has cleared out of other people's hedgerows and is no longer allowed to burn on his own site. It will be my task for Autumn 2020 to get rid of it all. Some of it will go- quite legitimately- into the dustbin and the recycling bins. Some I may burn.  Much of it will be repurposed into the beautiful wall I'm building to stop the horses from even thinking of migrating into our neighbours' fields. I have purchased a pair  of wire cutters and they're fun to use.

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