Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Win, Win

Indy (Pickles as was) has made it to Liverpool. Odi sent us a picture this morning- not of the cat but of her litter tray (which has been used)- and says that she (the cat) is eating well and has been exploring the house and getting lots of attention- and "we all love her".

So that seems to be working out...

It's working for us as well. For one thing we get our boiler room back. It's the first room you enter when you come in through the main door and we'd got it looking quite nice (or as nice as a boiler room can be made to look) but the addition of a cat litter tray and other cat-related clutter (we had to keep her separate at night because otherwise she and Marlowe would have torn one another to bits) really messed with the Feng Shui. Now we can restore it to the way it was and make it welcoming again.

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