Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


I have a self that switches itself on when there are children around- as there have been this past week. It has remarkable amounts of energy.  It will do things- like run up steep embankments- that I normally wouldn't attempt. My great niece calls this character "Bonkers Uncle Tony". I like being him but it's exhausting- and I'll catch myself thinking "When are the children going home so I can collapse in the corner with my crossword puzzle".

It's no secret that I prefer the company of children to that of adults. When the adults are sitting round the table talking about whatever it is adults talk about- I'll be off with the kids, visiting the horses, picking raspberries or kicking a ball about.

Adults are fine when you're dealing with them on a one to one basis but get them in a group and they tend to triviality.

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