Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Signs Of The Times

The Blogger Nigeness- who I follow- is back from a holiday in Dieppe. Everyone on the streets there is wearing a mask but the crowds are such that social-distancing is nothing but a pious dream. On the return journey he and his party were obliged to fill in an intrusive and headache-inducing form which the British port authorities didn't even ask to see. It is, he notes, typical of the Johnson government to be issuing orders that can't or won't be enforced...

But it's not just this government of ours. It's government world-wide. CV19 has taken their powers away. They pull the levers but the wires have been cut.

Our friend "W" reports that a "No Waste" shop has just opened in Tonbridge. You turn up with your own containers- boxes, bottles, bags- and fill them with loose produce. We must find out where it is and give it our custom. I love it that something that would quite recently have seemed wonderfully old-fashioned and quaint is now cutting edge. "Reculer pour mieux sauter", as they say in Dieppe.

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