Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Enlightenment To Romanticism

Ailz's new Open University course is titled Enlightenment to Romanticism, 1780-1830. Once again, as her carer, I'm sitting in on tutorials.

Cool stuff- The Encyclopaedia, the French Revolution, The Napoleonic wars, the campaign to end the slave trade. Cool people- Mozart, Rousseau, de Sade, Goethe, Byron, Turner, Goya, Bonaparte, Delacroix. Are these the fifty coolest years in western cultural history? Could be.

Our first "text" is Don Giovanni. I like Mozart- he's my favourite classical composer- but it's the instumental music I've always gone for, and while I've seen productions of The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni I can't say I've ever "got" them. But then I've never really "got" opera, full stop. Hmm, maybe now's my chance.
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